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New iPhone 15 Release Date And Other details: A Sneak Peek
Home Featured Latest iPhone 15 Release Date And Other details: A Sneak Peek

Latest iPhone 15 Release Date And Other details: A Sneak Peek

Latest iPhone 15 Release Date And Other details: A Sneak Peek

Excitement is in the air as tech enthusiasts eagerly anticipate Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone 15 series. The internet is buzzing with rumors and leaks about what we can expect from these innovative smartphones. In this article, we’ll delve into the speculation and provide you with an overview of the upcoming iPhone 15 series, including the expected models, technical specifications, tentative release date, and estimated prices.

iPhone 15 Release Date

Apple ‘Wonderlust’ event LIVE: iPhone 15 launch and much more
Apart from the iPhone 15 line, Apple is expected to launch the all new Apple Watch Series 9. There are also chances that the company will launch an updated edition of the Apple Watch Ultra. Not just this, Apple might also launch a new device with an M3 processor.

Also, note that all four new iPhones will come with USB-C ports – thanks to the recent EU law. There are also reports that the iPhone 15 Pro Max/Ultra will be the first Apple device ever to feature a periscope zoom camera.

Both Pro models are expected to shun the stainless steel frames this time and may come with titanium ones. All smartphones will come with a programmable “Action button”, and Dynamic Island will be featured on all of them too.

iPhone 15 Launch Date in India
Earlier there were reports that Apple may host the launch event on September 12. The company has now confirmed and announced the date, check on its official website and via email. The announcement comes under the tagline ‘Wonderlust’.

iPhone 15 Launch Event LIVE
You can watch Apple’s ‘Wonderlust’ event at the company’s official website, YouTube channel and Apple TV app.

The All New iPhone 15 Series

iPhone 15:

The iPhone 15 will serve as the standard model in the series. From leaked information, it appears that it will feature significant upgrades over its predecessor, the iPhone 14. A notable change will be the introduction of a Dynamic Island, replacing the traditional notch. This design modification will provide users with a more immersive screen experience.

In terms of camera capabilities, the iPhone 15 is expected to enhance photography enthusiasts’ delight, with a 48MP main camera sensor, offering improved image quality and detail. Under the hood, the iPhone 15 will likely house the powerful A16 Bionic chipset, currently seen in the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, ensuring lightning-fast performance.

Additionally, rumors suggest the iPhone 15 might sport a USB-C port, a departure from the Lightning port, allowing for faster data transfer and increased convenience. A larger battery, with a capacity of 3,877mAh, will ensure extended usage time for all your daily tasks and adventures.

While some design elements may resemble the iPhone 14, such as a 6.1-inch 60Hz display, a 12MP ultra-wide camera, and similar RAM and storage options (6GB and up to 512GB, respectively), there might still be a few surprises in store. The inclusion of curved edges reminiscent of the iPhone 11 and a matte rear glass panel, akin to the iPhone 14 Pro, could provide a fresh aesthetic appeal.

iPhone 15 Price

As for the estimated price, sources are divided, with some suggesting the iPhone 15 might be priced higher than its predecessor, while others predict it will stay within a similar price range.

iPhone 15 Plus:

The iPhone 15 Plus will cater to those seeking a larger screen experience. With a expected 6.7-inch display, the iPhone 15 Plus is likely to pack similar improvements found in its standard counterpart. This includes the Dynamic Island, USB-C port, 48MP main camera, and the A16 Bionic chipset for exceptional performance.

While the screen specifications might not differ significantly from the standard iPhone 15, with a 60Hz refresh rate, it’s worth highlighting the possibilities of an enhanced user interface and an immersive visual experience.

Similar to the iPhone 15, the iPhone 15 Plus might undergo slight design refinements, featuring curvier edges and a matte back for an enhanced grip and a touch of elegance.

iPhone 15 Plus Price

The pricing for the iPhone 15 Plus remains uncertain at this point, with evidence pointing in different directions. We’ll have to wait for the official announcement for a clearer picture.

iPhone 15 Pro:

The iPhone 15 Pro aims to cater to professional users and technology enthusiasts, offering cutting-edge features and enhanced performance. As with previous Pro models, it is expected to include the latest advancements in technology.

While specific details about the iPhone 15 Pro’s technical specifications are limited, it’s safe to assume it will share many similarities with the standard iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. Anticipate top-of-the-line camera capabilities, a powerful chipset, and an immersive display experience.

With a focus on photography and videography, the iPhone 15 Pro is likely to feature additional camera enhancements, such as improved low-light performance and advanced video recording capabilities.

iPhone 15 Pro Price

As for the price, we can expect the iPhone 15 Pro to occupy the higher end of the spectrum, offering premium features for those seeking the ultimate iPhone experience.


While information regarding the estimated prices of the iPhone 15 series remains speculative, it is expected that the standard iPhone 15 will fall within a similar price range to its predecessor, the iPhone 14. As for the iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 15 Pro, the premium features and larger displays may result in higher price points, as per the reports it will be available to buy in the end of September.

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